Edit your Instagram Photos Like A Pro With Lightroom Presets

edit your instagram photos like a pro with lightroom presets

So you just started using or maybe you have been using Instagram for a while now posting photos of your daily life or projects you work on as a business owner. Cool, but then you scroll through your feed and you see some accounts with jaw-dropping photos. You go check their feeds and you see a consistent theme through all of their photos! #saywhaaaat

How did they manage to do it?

The answer is pretty simple: they use Lightroom presets.

What is a Lightroom preset? To make it simple, it is like a defined filter that will transform any photos. For the more technical people, it is all the setting adjustments used in the software Lightroom to create the end result of the photo.

Using Lightroom can be quite overwhelming the first time you open it. What settings to adjust to get the result you want for your photos? That is the reason why photographers sell their presets for people willing to use them for their feeds.

And guess what? I also created my Travel Photography Presets. (It was long overdue!) Here are below couple before/after photos to inspire you!

How to use them?

1. You will need to shoot your photos in RAW.

The reason is that you get more room to play with the settings without affecting the quality of your photos. 

JPEG photos are photos already processed by the camera to render a result close to what you captured. But applying any modifications to them can decrease the quality of your photos significantly.

2. You will need to use Lightroom

Adobe offers a monthly membership to use their Photography software suite that includes Lightroom and Photoshop. it would cost you €12,29 per month to use it but if photography is one of your passion that you want to turn into profit, it is definitely worthy.

3. Download and Install the presets

There are many tutorials available online to show you how. Click here to learn how to do it.

4. Apply the preset to your photos

Once your presets installed, just select the photos you want to apply your preset on, click on the preset of your choice and let the magic happen. 

Now, bear in mind that presets are just the basis of your photo, you might need to apply couple few basic adjustments like brightness, contrast, and white balance to get the end result you want.


Why photographers love to use presets so much with Lightroom is simple: It decreases the editing time drastically. Rather than editing one photo at a time, we can select all the photos having pretty much the same look, apply the preset we want and it will edit all the photos in one go!

No need to spend hours and hours in front of your screen editing. Welcome to 2018!

If you'd like to improve your travel photos I highly recommend you to use Lightroom. And if you need some travel photography presets, just click here to get the one I created and personally use on my Instagram account.

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Edit your instagram photos like a pro with lightroom presets

Edit your instagram photos like a pro with lightroom presets