About Alex


My name is Alexandre Kan, I am a Content Creator and Social Media Marketing Consultant. After traveling for 2 years to 40 countries across 5 different continents, living the digital nomad lifestyle, I fell in love with photography to document my travels and capture unique moments along my journey. 

I have always been curious to learn how people managed to earn a living while traveling the world.

After doing some research online, I discovered the world of blogging and affiliate marketing. This was a new world for me as I have never been exposed to this way of earning a living in the past.

Fast forward to today, I’ve learned that as we grow as online business owners, it is important to know how to market ourselves and have a strong personal brand that displays credibility to be able to attract your ideal customer. 

Sharing my knowledge with you is something I highly value. Not only does it help the spread of knowledge, but it allows me to continue to reflect on my own personal journey.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing play a big role in running a successful business nowadays and using them the right way with a strong online presence will help you reach the results you need for your business.

My goal with my blog is to share my life experience and help you live a more fulfilling life through Travel, Business and Lifestyle advice.

Here is a list of a few articles I wrote you might be interested in:

I also help small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage social media marketing to turn their followers into paid clients.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur who needs help with setting up your Social Media Strategy for success. Feel free to book a free consultation with me. You can have a look at the range of services I offer right here.

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To your success!