Make 2019 Your Best Year Of Photography


In 2018, I found myself spending hours and hours editing photos of my travel destinations and applying different style of edit depending on the feeling I had of the shot I took. Needless to say that it was very time consuming. I then decided to create presets to help me improve my workflow and edit my photos faster. Presets are a set of adjustment on a specific photo that you can save in Lightroom and apply to any new photos like a filter. And wow, it changed my life as a photographer.
So after a few requests I received from followers, I decided to create a set of presets that would match for every style of photography you decide to take throughout the year and no matter where you are traveling to. I created those presets and applied them to the destinations I traveled to around the world.
There are a total of 11 presets and each one of those have 1 equivalent highly contrasted and 1 equivalent very bright which makes a total of 33 presets that adapt to any situation. I’ll let you be the judge

Down To Earth

This preset is focused on nature and natural light photography. The colours are desaturated and faded with a earthy tone.

Urban Legend

This is my favorite preset. I love that film look that it creates and the focus on the red and orange tones. It really makes your photo looks unique.

The Dark Night

Perfect for low light condition, this preset will bring your underexposed photos back to life.


Summer time is bright and colourful. I also played around with the hue on the blue and green colour to make them pop. One keyword to describe this preset would be fresh.

Orange Mechanic

This preset is really specific and can either break or make your photo. It brings a lot of orange and blue tones on the shot. I’d recommend using it if you have a lot of blue colours on your photo.

Snow White

This preset desaturate the colours and make everything looks clean and bright. Perfect if you are aiming for a clean white feed for your Instagram.


Fall works great in low light conditions and bring some warm tones to your photo.

Punch It

This preset is all about High Dynamic Range or HDR. It will bring back to light all the tiny details in your image.

The Last Sunset

This one is specific to sunset and brings more warm tones to your shot.

Tropic Thunder

If you are traveling to a tropical destination, this preset is ideal for you to bring back those blue colours from the sea and the sky.


Jumanji is great to make your photo look like a film look. For this preset I focused on the brightness of the shot and played with the green hue on the photo to make your photo look moodier.

Something to remember is that presets are just basic adjustment settings to create a unique look to your photo. It is not an end product but a great jump start to set the mood of the scene you want to go for while editing your photo. However, the biggest part of the job is done, you will just need to apply a few basic adjustments regarding the exposure to make the photo yours.

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