How To Make Money With Instagram In 2019?

Alexandre kan - how to make money with instagram in 2019

We live at a time of information and Internet is a gold mine. You can find whatever you want from it, but you need to look at the right places as there are many scams floating around.

So one question many people wonder is "how to make money with Instagram?" and that's what we will break down in this article today.

But first you need to understand that Instagram is only a vehicle, this is what will allow you to build your brand identity and get people to know you and decide to follow you if they enjoy your content. So build your social media credibility before starting monetizing your Instagram account.

Then here are couple ways below on how you can make money on Instagram:

Paid shout-out

If you have a large following in a specific niche, people building their account following or promoting a product/service/webinar would like to use your account in order to do their promotion and get their offer in front of as many eye balls as possible.

The cost mostly depends on the size of your followers, you can find more details below.

Approx endorsement fees paid to influencers

3K-10K = $50 - $150

10K-25K = $100 - $220

25K-50K = $200 - $350

50K-100K = $300 - $500

100K-250K = $400 - $800

250K-500K = $500 - $1100

Brand Ambassador

Once you become an influencer in your niche, brands would like to collaborate with you in order to promote their products/services and you will be able to become an ambassador. Being an ambassador means that you are representing the brand and that you could get some benefits from them by promoting the products/services you actually use on regular basis. That's how you can get some free stuff, or make some money depending on the kind of assignment.

You do not need to have hundred thousand of followers. There is a rise of micro-influencers and brands would most likely work in collaboration with several micro-influencers with a following of 10K to 50K followers rather than with one influencer with 100K+ followers. This way they can gain more visibility and more engagement as the audience on smaller accounts are more defined than big ones.

There are applications like Tribe or Indahash you can use that offer brand collaboration for instagram accounts with a minimum of 3,000 followers.

Affiliate Marketing

This is something HUGE on Internet and how most online businesses make money online. If you would like to learn more about it, just read this article I wrote Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing. And the great thing about it is that everyone can become an affiliate. On most website nowadays, you will find a section dedicated to become an affiliate. What does that mean?

Same principle as brand ambassador, you will be promoting a product or service you believe in and will be provided with a unique link only for yourself. Once someone will click on that link and buy the service or product, you will receive a commission from it. 

The value of the commission depends on the company and product you promote.

Sell your own products or services

If you managed to build a loyal fan base that are interested into what you do, why not promote your own products and sell them.

Depending on what the product is, and if that answers a need for your followers, I can guarantee that the return on investment will be worthy. I personally started with Affiliate marketing and I recently started to sell my own products and I personally feel more comfortable doing so. 

But I believe this is a personal preference.

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Discover the 4 main ways to monetise your instagram account. #instagramforbusiness #instagrammarketing #instagramtips
Discover how to make money with Instagram in 2019. #instagramforbusiness #instagrammarketing #instagramtips