Aren't you bored without a job?

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This is the question I started hearing a lot when I left my corporate life. I quit my comfortable corporate job to focus on my travel blog and online business and dare to live the life I have dreamed for a longtime. So, no I am not bored and there are couple reasons why.

Every day is different

One thing that I had difficulty to deal with while working a full-time job is room for improvement in areas I was interested in. I was paid to do one job and one job only. I was evaluated every quarter on the impact of my job. No impact meant no great results, no bonuses and a risk to be on a PEP (Performance Evaluation and Planning) and potentially lose my job. So, after a while in the company, every day were the same and I did not face any challenges.

Contrary to now, if I wish to only focus on photography one day, I can do it. If I wish to read a book, I can do it. If I wish to work 12 hours straight on my business, I can do it. I am the one in charge and design the life that I want to live.

Now, let me tell you that it is not easy and it requires discipline. That is something I wrote about in my article "8 Ways To Stay Productive When Working From Home" and that is something not everyone can do!

I am not relying on one source of income

The biggest mistake people make and that I did is to rely on one source of income. But whether you have a full-time or a short-term contract, if tomorrow the company decides to fire you, they will. You have no control on how things could happen. And during this time, you are taking loans, mortgages and buying the last trendy products to fill a need you cannot fulfill no matter what you get... Been there, done that!

Until the day I realised that I was not building a safe future. I was not living the life I wanted, I was living the life the society wanted me to live. I was contributing to build someone else's dream and was exchanging the most valuable thing every human has since they are born: time, against money.

So, since I realised that, I started to look for ways to multiply my streams of income.

I will always remember one quote of Warren Buffet:

"If you do not find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die"

We all have 24h during the day, it is up to us to use that time wisely and make the most out of each hour. The best thing about running an online business is that you can earn money at anytime during the day or night. No need to wait for your pay cheque at the end of the month.

I am being creative

What is the ONE thing you are good at? What is the number one topic you can talk about for hours? Mine is travel first, then personal development second, and photography third. So I decided to use all these transferable skills to create something that will help other people in these fields.

We live today in the information era. Everyone is looking for an information online. If you want to learn more about something, you will google it, youtube it, instagram it. (first time using them as verbs! haha) What I mean is that you need to leverage all the tools and knowledge available to create a solution that will answer a need. Do your homework and be creative.

I am doing what I love

Finally, how can I be bored if I am doing something I am passionate about? I love traveling, I love photography, I love learning new things that contributes to my personal development. Sometimes I am so passionate about things that I do that I feel like I do not have enough time in a day to do all the things I wish I could do.

So no, I am not bored.

Quitting my corporate life was a decision I made to live a life I have been dreaming for couple years. I was ready to live this lifestyle and today I am living it. I am not telling you this today to rub my ego and make you feel bad. I am telling you this today, because it is just a matter of mindset and preparation.

If you want to do something in your life, do it now, take actions today and make sure that every action you make will lead to achieving your end goal.

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