I quit My Job!


Hey hey Millennials!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life right now. The purpose of my blog originally was to show that with great organisation and dedication, it was absolutely possible to travel the world often while having a full-time job. I believe I proved it while traveling to more than 30 countries in two years! It was not always easy to keep up with the pace though, but when you are passionate about something, you can make it a priority.

However, my job required many hours of work and I would often work overtime to meet a deadline. But my rewards would always be a trip to a sunny destination to escape from my daily routine. After two years doing it I noticed couple things happening:

- I spent less time with people I care about, mostly my friends and my family as I was in my work bubble.

- I had many grey hairs showing! Sure I am getting older, but I did not expect so many to grow at the same time!!! This was mostly due to stress.

- The more I traveled, the less I wanted to go back to work in an office. Sitting down between four walls for a full day without even seeing the light and the life happening outside became a struggle.

- I needed more time to work and focus on my online business. I am helping aspiring online entrepreneurs build their brand image online and promote their business.

Therefore, as I reached a crossroad in my professional career, I decided to "proceed and be bold"! So I quit my job and took the leap to focus the upcoming months on my travels and online business. 


It felt scary in the beginning, but two months in, I absolutely have no regrets at all. I believe that if I did not do it then, I would have never done it and would have kept pushing the decision to later.

So I am adopting the so called Digital Nomad lifestyle and will be writing more about it, especially when it comes to working remotely where I live in Dublin, Ireland.

I also wrote this e-book "How To Become A Digital Nomad In 2017" that is a small guide to prepare you to live this lifestyle today. This sums up all the research and work I have done before taking the leap. So if you are aspiring to live this lifestyle, do not hesitate to get your FREE copy here or by clicking on the image below.

Despite my situation changing, my motto remains the same:

"don't forget to live your life to the fullest because life is short. Create memories."

And that is what I am going to keep doing while starting this new lifestyle and I hope my experience will be beneficial for you guys, maybe willing to follow the same path.

Thank you for being a loyal fan.

Safe travels

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Pin this image to your Pinterest board and read it later! ;)

Pin this image to your Pinterest board and read it later! ;)