Meet Lexi my chat bot!

Meet Lexi  My Chat bot.png

Hey hey

It's been a minute I did not post. I have been busy working on creating my new chat bot: Lexi!

This is something I wanted to do for so long. I thought about creating an app but it required too much programming! Facebook heard my prayers and allowed me to create a bot instead for my website. Thank you Facebook!

But I am sure you may wonder what is the chat bot, right?

Let me explain:

By definition, a chat bot is a computer program that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.

This one I created is not that advanced...yet! Lexi only answers to questions I thought you may wonder about me, my travels and how I manage to travel so often and finance my trips, as those were the most common questions I got asked all the time!

The main benefit of subscribing to Lexi is if like me you never have time to read your emails. One day you may have subscribed to my newsletter, but you never have time to open my emails. I do not blame you, don't worry, I am guilty of doing the same! Well, here is the good news, you will receive my updates directly via Facebook Messenger from now on!

So, how to interact with Lexi?

Lexi is integrated to Facebook messenger. So, if like me you connect to Facebook on daily basis and do not have time to go check your favorite pages feed because of how cluttered your newsfeed is, here is how Lexi can help!

First you will need to click on the get started button if you wish to interact with him. There are two ways:

Either you click on the image below to get started now

Or you will notice a pop up window on the website from now prompting you to get started


Then you will just need to answer to the questions Lexi will ask you by clicking on the options he will offer you! 

get started.png

What else can Lexi do?

Help navigating my website


Are you looking for travel tips? Are you planning on traveling somewhere I have already been? Or are you interested on how to leverage technology to make money online? Lexi will guide you to the right content of my website depending on your interest. You just have to follow the steps! 

Do not miss any new updates

If you decide to subscribe, Lexi will notify you every time there will be a new post on my Facebook page.

You will receive a message directly in Facebook Messenger from Lexi!

Don't miss out on any new updates going forward, many changes are currently happening in my life!

Subscribe to my future e-courses

From time to time going forward, I will offer you the opportunity to opt-in to one of my e-courses either related to travels or online businesses. If that something you could be interested in, you will have the possibility to subscribe and receive a lesson directly in Messenger on daily basis!

Leave me a message


Lexi is not that smart yet to have a conversation with you. However, if you wish to leave me a message, it will offer you the "contact a human" option! Feel free to leave your message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

That's it for now! 

Lexi is like a young child at the moment but the more time passes by, the smarter he will become and help you with any questions you may have. I am already working on his new version, hopefully will be ready by the end of the year! 

Talk to you in the next one!