What is The Millennial Nomad lifestyle


By definition a Millennial Nomad is:

“Someone who sees themselves as an explorer, a thinker, a person who embodies being wanderlust and doesn’t necessarily have one single place they call home.”

This community of travelers represents people working for themselves like digital nomads but also people in their workplace, having the option to work remotely.

Nowadays, multinational companies know that if they want to keep their young employees, they will need to be flexible. This is how I started to adapt this lifestyle as my work provided me the flexibility I needed to have a decent work-life balance.


Millennials are redefining the workplace and if companies do not follow the trend they will not hesitate to quit and go see somewhere else. Long gone is the time you would stay in a company for life or at least for 5 years. Nowadays, unless you manage to change a role in the company you work for, millennials would tend to jump from one company to another at least every 2 years.

But none of this would be possible without the evolution of technology. The Millennial generation has known the transition of before/after internet and has adopted internet into their lives.

Today, Technology and millennials go together. If one is missing the other, the world makes no more sense, the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) kicks in after couple hours and you feel like you have lost connection with the world if you did not use internet for a whole day!

With Technology being part of our lives and guiding the way that we work, millennials expect to be able to use it at their workplace, whether being able to browse social media at work or even working remotely. 

Having this work flexibility, no wonder that the digital nomad community grows bigger day after day. When you realise that you only need a laptop, an internet connection to be able to work from anywhere in the world, suddenly there is no more limits but ourselves.

The millennial generation is also a generation of roamers and entrepreneurs. Roamers because it has become very easy today to travel. It is not as complicated as it used to be and not as expensive either. If you need any travel hacks to plan your next trip you can check my posts right here.

And entrepreneurs because it is no more rocket science to launch an online business with the tools that we have nowadays.

Some will even start their online entrepreneurship journey as a side hustle and see where that lead them. And others will take the leap, quit their corporate life and start working for themselves because they enjoy the freedom of being their own boss and create things that would create value for a community.

They can decide when and where they want to work, live and travel.

But if you think that becoming a digital nomad means not having a professional structure, you are wrong. The rise of co-working  and co-living spaces is also in expansion. If you want to work from a coffee shop in the morning and then join a community of digital nomads at a co-working space, it is now possible. Or if you want to spend your productive hours working from the beach before your surf lesson in the afternoon, this is also possible. The choice is yours.

You can even rent offices per hour if you wish. I found this cool website recently which is the Airbnb for workplaces. It is not yet available everywhere in the world, but I love the concept.


We live today at the age of information and it is evolving like a bullet train. Hence the reason to keep up with the last trends regularly or you might fall in the box of “has been”!

The way our education system is made is no more adapted to this new lifestyle. Nowadays, it is all about practice and taking risks if you want to become successful. Learning how to be successful is a great start but won’t allow you to become successful if you do not decide to take action.

The idea of work-life balance is no more something foreign or exclusive. It is happening more and more every single day and you can see it with real life examples like travel bloggers, youtubers, film-makers, online entrepreneurs.

So, rather than daydreaming about how your life could be or scrolling through someone else’s feed and envy their life, why don’t you combine work, life and travel using the technology available at your disposal. After all, if you are reading this today, it means you do everything else at the click of a button.

Don’t forget to grab your free copy of my ebook “How To Become A Digital Nomad” where I share different methods to start an online business and explain what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about.

And if you need guidance on how to become a digital nomad, join my Facebook group of Millennial Roamers where we will teach you how to leverage technology to create yourself a better future.


You are only couple clicks away from a totally different life.

No time to read this blog now. No problem, pin this image to your Pinterest board and read it later.

No time to read this blog now. No problem, pin this image to your Pinterest board and read it later.