Review Of Woodwe Skin Cover For Your Tech Devices

Review of woodwe skin cover for your tech devices

A lot of people like to use skins on their devices to protect them from scratches, water splash or minor bumps. Which makes absolutely sense considering their price tags. There are a ton of different kinds you can find online, but to me, I haven’t found a skin that would not feel plasticky and look stylish at the same time. I have tried a few skins for my macbook pro but I never sticked with them for too long. Until I found a brand called Woodwe.

Who is Woodwe?

It is a company based in Lithuania whose mission is to dress your device stylishly, naturally, and with unparalleled quality materials because they value the human need to stay in tune with both our natural world and your individuality.

What products do they offer?

WoodWe offers covers that are an elegant and natural way to protect your tech gadgets. They are warm, cozy and environmentally friendly. WoodWe covers are manufactured from high quality sources, such as our natural and elegant Belgium wood veneer, strong and highly dependable German stone veneer, or exotic and elegant Taiwan Rust veneer.

How do you apply the covers

Here is a short unboxing video I made to show you how it looks like.

Should you get one?

If like me your laptop is your most precious possession as you work on it every single day, then yes you should first consider protecting it by using a cover. What I love about WoodWe is that their covers feel real. It is authentic sheets of wood they use to make their covers and provide a second skin to your laptop. It is like having a brand new device and your laptop still feel as light as without the cover.

Maybe that is my inner hipster talking, but I really like the way the wood looks, it really gives a unique look to your device and protect it really well. It also attracts a lot of attention. Every time I pull it out when I work in cafes or co-working spaces, someone says something about it and people like it a lot.

woodwe laptop skin cover

These are a bit pricey considering they are real wood. So they run about 60€ for a Macbook cover and kinda go down from there depending on the kind of devices.

But for the price they are really durable, will last for a longtime and will protect my precious laptop. So it is a great investment.

Where can you find it?

They have an online store that you can access here. They offer a range of products going from laptop and keyboard skins to iphone and ipad covers.


If you would like to get yourself one of their products, I partnered with them to offer you a 15% discount at checkout by using the code “ALEX”. Thank me later!

If you decide to get one of their covers, take a photo and tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see your device new look.


Review of Woodwe Skin Cover For your Tech Devices