5 reasons to use a bot to generate leads for your business

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One thing every business needs is to generate leads. Meaning attract people's interest in your service or product and encourage them to buy.

Some people will use "lead magnet" like a Free e-book or webinar to provide couple business tips in exchange of collecting people's emails.

What do people do with your email you may wonder?

Your email is collected and registered in their mail list so that you can receive any new updates from the business in the future.

Same principle applies to using a bot to generate leads.

What is a Chatbot?

This is a computer program that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.

Brands usually use it to replicate a customer support and answer the main questions a client might have about the brand product or service. 

However there are some limitations, and when the bot runs out of answers, you got the possibility to "contact a human" for further support.

Why use a bot for your business?

It is cost efficient

You can start building and using a bot for FREE with many online tools available today like chatfuel or manychat. No need to build an app that will cost you thousands and rely only on your developer to push new updates live. You are the one in charge and can build it for FREE.

It is automated and will do the hustle for you

Place the link on social media and on your website so that people can subscribe to it 24/7. Provide enough information about your product or service so that the client get the information they need to know. No more need to answer to all the questions, do it once and the bot will do it the other times!

You will be able to talk to existing individuals

The great thing about a bot linked to Facebook Messenger is that everybody goes on Facebook on daily basis. There are more than 2 billion users on Facebook and they are all real! No more bots or fake email addresses to get access to your content. You are in contact with real individuals and potential clients interested in what you offer.

People can get to know you or your brand

Having a conversation on messenger can be considered as having a private moment with someone. Therefore, if a brand send you a message everyday without being spammy, you start to get to know their mission, their products and maybe even the behind the scenes as an exclusivity for being a loyal subscriber. It is a great way to build rapport with your audience.

Offer discounts or special offers

What a best way to reward a loyal client than by offering them exclusivity on products or services couple days before you will promote widely so that they can benefit of a discount for being prime members before the price rises! Make them feel special and give them what they ask for, this will help scale up your brand image.

Here are the reasons why to use a chatbot for your business. It definitely helped me a lot to scale up my business. Being a one man business, it is not always easy to keep up with all the questions from my audience. Therefore, my bot really helped my by answering the most common questions I receive and promote new content from my blog.

What about you? Are you using a bot for your business? Or are you thinking about creating one? Tell me your opinion on this in the comment section below!

Talk to you in the next one!