How To Post To Instagram From Your Desktop?

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Let's face it, Instagram wants your experience to be mobile only which makes it its selling point. It is an application made for millennials using their smartphones and capturing moments of their daily lives on the go. I see something that I like, I take my phone out, take a photo, put on a filter and caption and press share to show it to the rest of the world or my friends circle.

Pretty simple process.

But when you start using Instagram for your business, it is another game and you cannot afford not to schedule your future post and think about your feed layout, etc... Or if you are a photographer and use lightroom to edit your photos. You know the hustle to have to transfer your photo from your computer to your phone to be able to post on Instagram, am I right?

It takes time to manage your account and schedule new posts. Hence the reason for businesses on Instagram to use third party tools like Iconosquare, Latergram or Tailwind.

BUT lately a new feature was pushed on the desktop version of Instagram which allows you to finally publish your post from your desktop computer.

Yes my friends, it is life changing!

It's been saving me so much time. It now takes me 2 minute max per post. Here is how:

1. Open your chrome internet browser and login to your Instagram account on Desktop

2. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the task bar, then select more tools and click on developer tools

IG post desktop.png

OR something that I found out recently, just click right on the white part of the website and select inspect element and you will get the same result

right click.png

3. Then your screen should look like this screenshot below:

IG toggle.png

And you will notice the little camera at the bottom of the screen now. You are actually simulating using your phone on a desktop! How cool is that?

Then you know the drill. Unfortunately, we cannot adjust the settings within the app, so make sure your photo is edited before hand and then post it! The only things you can adjust are the size of the photo and add a geo-location.


Very simple process and such a time saver feature. I highly encourage you to use it guys! :)

Talk to you in the next one!