Business Review: November 2017


After coming back from my trip in the US and assisting to a mastermind. I had so many ideas I needed to work on but also needed to invest into different courses to develop my knowledge in some topics. Here is a quick review of November.

Travel blog

If you missed the articles I posted this month, here is a quick recap:

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Meet My New Vlogging Camera: Sony RX100M3

What Is The Millennial Nomad Lifestyle

My Blog In Your Language

Low Ticket VS High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

Also, a new feature has finally arrived with chatbot and especially with Manychat which is the platform I use to manage my chatbot. It is finally possible to display my bot on my website and start a conversation straight on Messenger on my website! How cool is that? My bot is now able to support anyone looking for the right information on my website!



"Knowledge is power". As an entrepreneur you need to keep up with the last trends and what you want your business to become. I signed up for a photography course with a Canadian Photograph I am following for couple years named Taylor Jackson. His lifestyle is exactly the kind of lifestyle I am aspiring for and his course about how to make money as a travel photographer opened my mind on so many things that I cannot wait to implement in my business.

Online business

I needed to find a way to generate cashflow to be able to re-invest my profit into bigger investments. After reading couple blogs I stumbled upon a way for anyone to start making an income online without having to invest a penny!

Online Store

Have you heard of Merchandise POD (Print on demand)? You can setup an online store selling merchandise with the design of your choice on several print on demand platform and gain a profit out of your sell without having to take care of the production, shipping and accounting! I have been looking for a way to sell merchandise related to my blog for a longtime and I must say that this system is the best way to start making money without investing a lot of money and start learning how e-commerce actually works.

Go check out my new merchandise online shop:

Here are couple websites for you to check out if you wish to create your own online store:

- Viraltag

- Teespring

- Sunfrog

Brand Identity

When it comes to promoting a product online, you need to have a great marketing strategy and a great funnel to explain step by step your business, your product or services and how your audience can benefit from it. That's the reason why I decided to invest more into my brand identity and created a new website that explained exactly the above. You can have a look at it here and let me know what you thing?


I added a new section to my website called Become an online entrepreneur 2.0. Many people have asked me what is it exactly that I do and would like to actually do the same and earn an income working online. By signing up I will offer you my mentorship and tell you exactly my online entrepreneurship journey and how I managed to be where I am today.



I am all about personal growth and personal development. Therefore, I try to read as much as I can about people I admire and have gone through moments in their lives that taught them a lesson on how to handle life, or how to manage their business, or  other aspect of life. Whatever you are going through, someone else already went through it and wrote about it. It is only up to you to find the answer to the questions you are wondering. Here is below the list of books I read this month:

The One Thing by Jay Papasan

Increase Your Financial IQ by Robert Kiyosaki

Idea To Execution: How To Optimize, Automate, Outsource Everything In Your Business by Ari Merisel & Nick Sonnenberg


Last month I invested in a drone and bought the DJI spark. It took me a month to practice how to fly it and get the results I wanted from the videos I shot. I have shot couple videos that I shared on my Facebook page and am pretty happy with the results. But, my goal in 2017 was also vlogging and I needed a camera I was able to carry around, that was compact and with a good lens great in low light condition. That's the reason why I got myself the Sony RX 100 M3. You can find a quick review of it in this article here. It definitely is a game changer. I already started sharing my daily adventures on Instagram stories, so make sure to follow me and expect more videos coming up by the end of 2017!

Not so many travels during November, but December will be pretty busy. I first went to Barcelona couple days ago to celebrate the birthday of a friend of mine. I am traveling to Donegal in the North West part of Ireland this week. I am going to France on 19th December to spend some time with my family for Christmas. Finally, I will be in Austria for one week from 27th December to spend NYE with couple friends! Hopefully we will get some snow by then. It is been a while I did not spend a "White Christmas".

Overall, a great month of November. Being an entrepreneur is about investing in assets that will help you gain more value or ROI (Return On Investment) in the long term and that's what I did over the month of November. Don't lose focus over what you want your business to become. You are the only one in charge and the only one to know what's best for you and your business.

Business Review: November 2017. Pin this post to your Pinterest Board to read it later.

Business Review: November 2017. Pin this post to your Pinterest Board to read it later.