The First 3 Months After Quitting My Job


It's been three months I quit my corporate job. It took me a little while to adjust to the changes but now I believe I took some good habits that are helping me to be more productive every day.

From now on, I will do a review of the job I have done every single month so that you can have an idea of my journey as I am heading towards being my own boss.

Review these past 3 months

In couple words I would describe it as: Remove the clutters, Set my marks, Re-learn, Invest, and Work hard, play hard!

Remove the clutters


After you quit a job, the last thing you want to do is start a new project right away. You need some time to cool off, to take some fresh air, and get rid of all the clutter accumulated while you still had your job. It is the opportunity to clear your mind and start fresh.

So I decided to travel during the month of August. I went to Northern Ireland and enjoyed the beauty of the nature this country can offer. I went to France to visit my friends and family and spend quality time with them without having a schedule to follow. And also went back to Latvia with my girlfriend to visit her family. 

It was a great way to press the button reset and get ready for a new adventure.

Set My Marks


Although I kept some good habits from my corporate life, like waking up still as the same time, get dressed, have breakfast and start my day by 9:30-10 am. There are moments when I can feel overwhelmed pretty quickly.

Indeed, having the freedom to work on anything you want to is a gift but like everything you need to set some boundaries or you will be working on the same thing for hours without having a real productive day. That's the reason why I created a schedule of things to do. Days of the week will be allocated to one topic: Online business, Instagram or Facebook marketing, Writing blog posts, Create visual contents, etc...

And then my hours during the day will be scheduled accordingly to the goal I want to achieve on my daily topic.

I.e. Instagram marketing: morning, read online magazines and forums on the last trends. Afternoon, schedule my content to post for at least a week and apply couple hacks I learned. Evening, find Instagram influencers to follow and engage to create new collaborations.

Leaving a corporate job to focus on your side hustle is not easy. I left behind me a structure, a work environment, work colleagues, a management to tell me what to do. I won't deny it, it is hard and It requires hard work and discipline to get some job done. But I believe I made it through and acquired some good work habits to remain productive.



Once you go on the entrepreneurship journey, you need to rewire your brain. I like to compare it to the movie Matrix when Neo meets Morpheus and got the choice between taking the blue pill or the red pill. One will get him back to his ordinary life, while the other will open his mind on a new world full of opportunities.

And that is exactly what I am doing. At school we are taught to be perfectionist. There is a way to do things, and if you do not follow the guidelines, you will fail. And failure is not encouraged in the education system.

Although in the entrepreneurship world, failure is a common thing. Failure is a way to learn from your mistakes, write down the lesson and make sure not to make the same mistake twice. There is no shame in not doing perfect and in order to know what works for you, you need to test, test, test.

One value from my previous company where I worked was "Done Is Better Than Perfect" and that is exactly that mindset I am working on building.



because if you want to become better at what you do you need to invest into your personal development before getting the return on investment down the road. This month I invested into:

...In my online business

When it comes to running a business, you need to invest in two things: Time and Money. You need to put in the time to work on constructive tasks that will contribute to a greater end goal. And you need to invest the money to acquire the knowledge, or buy tools that will help you work more efficiently and be more productive.

So I subscribed to a new program from a fellow travel blogger and online marketer I follow for more than a year now. His program is called Behind Close Door program with WorldNate. This is something I wanted to do for a longtime and I finally took the step to subscribe. It is insane how much valuable content he provides in this program. If you are a blogger or aspiring to become one, check it out as I believe it will help you big time. It is definitely helping me a LOT and all the tips I learned so far are creating momentum for my online business.

I also wrote an ebook on "How To Get Your First 10,000 followers On Instagram" as my business account @alexthemillennial went over the 10K milestone!!! Click here to get your FREE copy.

...In my my travel blog

  • I wrote my e-book on "How To Become A Digital Nomad in 2017". Click here to get your FREE copy or subscribe to my messenger bot if you have not done it yet. In this book I explain the journey I went through to get ready to live this lifestyle. You will find all my research and how I managed to create a side hustle that generated me some cashflow while I was still working full-time.
  • Joined a local Instagram community here in Dublin @igersdublin to network and surround myself with creative and likeminded people willing to achieve the same goals.

Work hard but also play hard


In early October I went to the US first for couple weeks. I drove on the route 66 up to the Grand Canyon and then went to Las Vegas despite the tragic event that happened... I went there for a mastermind event focused on online marketing. I wrote a blog post about it also: What Is A Mastermind Event also.

Make sure to follow my Facebook business page @alexthemillennial if you want to know more about my business life.


It is important to take some time to relax and do something for yourself to make you feel better. It is called refuel. We are not machines, we are human beings and what drives us is our energy. At times when our energy hits low, that is when you need to think about doing things that will contribute to charging your batteries, and make you come back fresher and more motivated than ever. 

And the best thing is that while I was doing something that I loved, my business was running on automation and made me some money that actually paid back all the expenses from my trip! That's the beauty of working online and finding the right system that matches with your lifestyle.

If you would like to learn more about what my team and I do and how you could do it yourself, click here to join my team.

That's pretty much it. Like I said, pretty busy couple months to adjust to my new work-style and rhythm but also pretty productive as I managed to complete many things for my business. It is funny how you can be so productive when you do something that you love. It might sounds cliche but it is a reality. I would have never have been able to accomplish all of this if I was still working a 9to5 job.

Keep up the hustle! It always pays off.

Talk to you in the next one

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