The Millennial way to send a postcard

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Are you the kind of travelers who always send a postal card to your close friends and family when you travel abroad? Then you are like me, but the main problem with it is that you need to find the postcards, find the stamps, show off your beautiful handwriting skills and then you need to post them if you can find a mail box. If you are like me you will wait for the last moment to post them and will end up at the airport looking for a mail box!Yep, story of my life...!

Well, I found a solution for you (and for me). Fizzer has become the millennial way to send post cards nowadays. So how does it work:

1. Install the application on your smartphone Android or Apple

2. Select the best photo(s) from your trip. You can select up to 3 photos to make a collage.

3. Write your message

4. Add your recipient(s) and hit send

5. Your postcard gets printed and posted for you

What do you need? A great photo to make everyone jealous, an internet connection and voilaaa!

But how much does it cost?

Well, it uses a credit system. For every postcard sent, you pay 1 credit. So for instance, if you send a postcard to 10 recipients, you will use 10 credits. You can find the rates below: 

1 credit = 2€39

10 credit = 20€00

25 credit = 45€00

50 credit = 80€00

It can be a bit more expensive than the usual postcards but less the hassle and with a customized card that you can make yourself. considering that the card is printed from your photo, it can be worthy to use it from time to time!

How long does the delivery take?

In France it takes 1-3 days

In Europe, it takes 2-4 days

In USA- Canada - Australia, it takes 4-12 days

In the Rest of the world, it takes 1-3 weeks

It is a great way to make people you care about happy and show them that you still think about them from the other side of the world. The card comes in an envelope, so don't worry about the photo you send! You can find more information on their website here. I really like the concept and will definitely be using it more and more from my next trip! :)

Safe travel!