Travel apps that I use for accomodation

What kind of travelers are you? What type of accommodation do you usually book when you travel? Personally, I  am using two websites to book my accommodation. It can be a bed bunk in a dorm of a hostel, to a B&B in a guest house, or an hotel room. It all depends on the reason of my trip really.

Let me tell you more about these two websites.

I love this website for a couple of reasons:

1. It finds you the best deals available online. Plus, the more booking you do the more advantages you get like discounts.

2. You can cancel up to 24hours without charges some of your bookings. Make sure to read the small prints, but most of the time it is possible to cancel your stay for free.

3. You receive a free travel guide of your destination after your booking. This travel guide will tell you about what you need for your trip, what to do and see in the city you visit, how to get around and even some local tips.

4. It is available as an application on your smartphone, which is very handy, especially when you are on the go. The app is very user friendly and provides you with everything that you need. To even make the booking easier, once you create your account, you can setup your preferences and it will be taken into consideration on your next search.

So if you do not have an account yet. Use this referral link  and we will both get 10 pounds to use on our next booking! 


A home away from home. You have two options for Airbnb, either book a room and stay in the apartment with a local host, or book the entire apartment for yourself. The choice is yours, but be aware that the cost rises if you decide to book an entire apartment, which is fair. I love this website for several reasons too:

1. It is a home away from home. What a better feeling than to feel home in a foreign country. If you decide to book the entire apartment, you will feel like a local. You will have to go to the grocery store to buy your food and then cook it. You usually get a decent wifi connection so that you can stay in touch with friends and family.

2. The booking process is very easy and legit. You find an apartment that you like, select it and then you have two options, either book it right away or send a request to book the apartment. It depends on the host usually. If you are not sure about a place, you can read the reviews from past travelers to make your own opinion and take your decision. It is very safe and if you encounter any problem the Airbnb customer service is always ready to help.

3. You will have the opportunity to stay in very unique designed apartment if you are lucky. Have you ever wanted to stay in a renovated warehouse with a "hipsterish" decor, or in a cabin wood in the middle of nowhere? what about a castle? Airbnb can offer you this. Check this top 10 unique Airbnb rentals around the world.

4. It is also available as an application on your smartphone. Go to the Google play store or iTunes, look for Airbnb, download it and then sign up. As simple as that. The application is very handy when you are on the go and do not have access to a computer. It is very user friendly and you can do any actions you would do using a computer.  

5. Not a Airbnb user yet? Use this referral link or click on the image below to get 35€ off on your first booking. Trust me trying it is adopting it.

It really depends on the kind of travelers you are. Some would rather prefer not to pay anything and use other solutions like couch-surfing or home-swapping.  But if you are part of the others like me, you will appreciate how easy these two applications are to use.