Meet My New Vlogging Camera: Sony RX 100 iii


I would like to talk to you about the new addition to my gadgets family which is the Sony Rx 100 iii

I needed a new camera that wouldn't be too heavy to carry around, that would be perfect for vlogging and I have looked everywhere. I watched many, many, many, many reviews!

Especially on YouTube and checked all those vloggers videos recommending point and shoot cameras that are easy to travel around with.

They would also recommend the Sony rx 100 v which allows you to shoot in 4K and does crazy slow motion or the Canon g7X.

I understand that they recommend you the latest cameras that are the best for sure in terms of specs but for my needs I did not need something too advanced.

I just needed something that was functional because I noticed lately during my production process that I'm spending waaaaay too much time to set up my gear and I just needed something to shoot Right away in order not to break my my flow and my creativity process.

So I found this Sony RX 100 iii to answer all my needs


The number one requirement I wanted was the camera to be small and handy to travel and carry around. This model really answers to my needs. it fits in a pocket, in a small bag and is also very light.

Good in low lights


The lens has a very wide aperture of 1.8 which is great to shoot in dark conditions and also create that depth of field aka bokeh or blurry background on your photos.

Flip screen

This feature is perfect for vlogging. So far I did it with my sony a6300 which only has a tilt screen and half of my shots were not good, either the framing was not good or the auto focus was not great. So I had to either guess my shots or use a hot shoe phone mount to connect wirelessly and use my phone as a monitor. This obviously adds weight and was not handy to travel with.

Shoot in 1080P

No it does not shoot in 4K and honestly for the time being there is no need to shoot in 4K. 1080p offers already great image quality that is adapted to the average monitor screen or TV. Plus, it saves a ton of space on your hard drive not to shoot in 4K!

Image stablisation

Obviously, if you are shooting on the go, you will need your video not to be shaky. This camera has a built in image stabilisation that reduces the camera shake effect.

Fast Auto Focus

When vlogging, you don't want to be checking all the time if you are in focus on your video. Hence, this camera got a fast auto focus. It removes most of the technical worries!

NFC/ Wireless connection

Finally, the best feature for all travelers is the NFC/wireless connection which allows you to transfer your photos directly to your device like a smartphone and tablet. Perfect to edit your photo on the go and not wait to transfer your files on your computer.

The audio is not the best though so I had to complete the set up with the Sony recorder called Sony ICD TX650 which is very handy to record the audio on, and you can also  attach it to any of your clothing if you want to, so no need to hold it in your hand all the time.

It is a very good compact dictaphone to carry around and really complements the audio of the camera which is not that great.

Overall, very satisfied with this camera and even surprise myself using it more lately to take some shots  to create content for my blog but even for social media on the go thanks to the NFC/wireless connection. All you need is to use the Sony Play memories app to transfer your photos to your phone and you are good to go in matter of seconds! Perfect travel companion.

When it comes to shooting landscapes and lifestyle photography though I will keep my Sony alpha 6300 with me as it is more advanced features.  I will be using this mostly for Professional shoot but also for creating more Videos with the cinematic look.

What about you? What camera do you use for vlogging but also for traveling?

Meet my new vlogging camera: the Sony RX 100 M3. Pin this image to your Pinterest board to .read it later.

Meet my new vlogging camera: the Sony RX 100 M3. Pin this image to your Pinterest board to .read it later.