The Benefits of Business Networking Events

As you grow as an entrepreneur, you will realise that running a business is very challenging and that you cannot be good at everything. Furthermore, you will need to stay up to date with the new trends in your niche if you do not want to be beaten by your competition.

Attending business networking events or masterminds are great ways to not only expand your knowledge by learning from the success of others but also to network and tell others about your business. Being part of the right circle of online entrepreneurs has allowed me to improve my social media marketing skills and find the right support I needed to stay mentally strong and hustle every day to reach the results I wanted.

So if you are just getting started, or already started a business but would like to take it to the next level, here are couple benefits of being part or attending mastermind events:

1. Seek for advice

Imagine being part of a circle of experts. One expert in social media, one expert in blogging, one expert youtuber, one expert in advertising, one expert in mindset coaching etc... Imagine being able to pick their brains anytime you need it or are facing a problem.

That is the main benefit of a mastermind, remove the obstacles along your way by being surrounded by expert people in their fields that probably already faced the problem you are facing and would have an answer to provide you. How cool would it be? That is what mastermind groups are all about. I recommend you reading the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill if you haven't already.

2. Connections

One quote I did not really understand at the beginning but understand more and more since a couple of months is "your network is your net worth". Rich people are rich because they are surrounded by people who are financially free. They leverage their knowledge and wealth to invest in projects that will bring them more money in the future without having to exchange their time.

That is what the right connection can bring you. It is not about what you know but who you know. Networking provides you with a great source of connections that could eventually lead to open doors to talk with highly influential people that would not otherwise be able to easily talk to.

3. Raising your profile

By attending these events and bringing value to people you will meet up, you will be able to build a strong credibility among these people that will then think about you as the reference related to your field of expertise. Why do you think many authors would contact celebrities in order to write the preface of their book. It brings credibility.

The best advertising you can do is through word of mouth. Instead of selling yourself in front of the public to bring credibility, let other people do the job for you. It is called social proof.

4. Build Confidence

Networking is great for people that aren’t confident as it really pushes them to grow and learn how to make conversations and lasting connections with people they don’t know. I am an introvert person and it was really difficult for me to go talk to people or even talk in front of a camera. It is not that I had nothing to say, but I did not have enough confidence to make that first step. By forcing yourself to go to these events you will feel more comfortable attending them. The more confident I get, the easier it becomes. Going solo to events is no more something that scares me.

5. Friendship

Some people you will meet in these events will play a big role in your life. Many friendships form as a result of networking because you are all like-minded business owners that are striving for the same goal. You want to grow your businesses, and you meet and help each other regularly, so naturally strong friendships tend to form. 

When I got started I attended as many events as I could to network and get my name out there. Then I joined a circle of entrepreneurs who welcomed me into their mastermind groups. We are connected on daily basis via secret Facebook groups and private chats and are spread all over the world. We would usually meet up once or twice a year for a one week mastermind when we would talk about where we want our businesses to grow and how we could help each other to make it happen.

You see there are several stages of running a business. First, figure out what you want and make it happen. Then once you start getting results, you need to scale up your business to get bigger results. And that cannot be accomplished without being surrounded by the right people. As I said earlier, we cannot be good at everything and it is ok to leverage other people's strengths.

That is the reason why I am really excited to introduce you very soon to a new website our mastermind group has created for aspiring entrepreneurs. This is something I wish I had when I started my online entrepreneurship journey. Imagine a library with all the necessary resources to run a profitable online business.

Whether you want to become a successful blogger, an influencer, a youtuber, a photographer, an affiliate marketer...Literally, this program gathers anything you wish you could have as information to get you started online and be successful. But you will then also be part of our secret mastermind group and be able to pick our brains anytime you need it. And trust me this is priceless!

If you believe that is something you are interested in, don't think twice and jump on that early bird registration page to be informed once our website goes live! Just click here.

I am so excited about this you cannot even imagine! I know that this will help many of you who are struggling with running your business today.