What does Brexit means for travelers?


We have all been shocked last week by the results of the Brexit (Britain exit) referendum. UK leaving the EU arose a lot of questions, and many remain unanswered. Although, there are no immediate consequences as the negotiations will take place over the next two years, during which remaining member states will have to offer future trading relationship to the UK, what does Brexit means for us, travelers, in the short term and in the long term?

Short term consequences

Business as usual, there are no immediate changes. Travelers can still travel to the UK for now as usual until the negotiations are done, which might take couple of years despite starting immediately.

The cost of flights to the UK plummeted significantly. If like me, you live in Dublin, for example, the cost to go to UK's biggest cities is very cheap, less than 20 euros. So if you have never been to the UK, now is the perfect time to go visit the country.

Cost for a one way to ticket to UK from Dublin.  Sources Skyscanner.com

Cost for a one way to ticket to UK from Dublin. Sources Skyscanner.com

The Pound sterling got a big hit following Brexit. the exchange rate between the dollar and the British pound was recorded at its lowest rate in 30 years, which means that American citizens can enjoy more affordable vacation to Europe this summer. 

Sources Xe.com

Sources Xe.com

Same story for the Euro which gained strength following the Brexit.

Sources Xe.com

Sources Xe.com

Long term consequences

European Health Insurance cards and air passenger rights regarding compensation for delays in air travel, for instance, could be revoked. 

If you live in Europe, you must have heard about the new law that intends to bring cheaper mobile roaming charges across the EU and will be banned completely of additional roaming fees by April 2017. Well, unless the UK government decides to keep it in place, Britain will remain left out and travelers will keep paying roaming fees.

Traveling to UK will mean getting a visa. Hence, the EU citizens won't benefit from their private line with no restrictions and therefore, could expect longer immigration lines at the airport.

Time will tell how the divorce between the EU and UK will end, as a lot of things remain uncertain and everything will be decided over the next two years during the negotiations.

The most important take-away here are that there are no immediate changes, and if you have been thinking about visiting London and other destinations in the UK, now is the time to go!

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