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I wanted to share with you the success story of one of Summit Affiliate students. Her name is Angie, she used to be a nurse and had no technical knowledge whatsoever about Internet and Social Media. Yet, today she has quit her full-time job to run her online business thanks to Summit Affiliate and now live in Bali with her husband.

Check out her testimonial below:

β€œHey there from Bali, it is Angie,

angie - SA

Hope you are having an amazing day wherever you are in this world!

I wanted to share a little journey how I quit nursing twice.

When I first started online it took me a bit to figure things out but when I applied what I learned I started getting huge success online and my husband and I had quit our jobs and had our time freedom.  Which was amazing!

During our amazing Journey the company we were an affiliate with started to over promise and under deliver which made our income go bye bye.

My mentor Justin who really has taught me everything, knew there was a big gap in the online world.  We saw so many companies over promise and under deliver and so many people spending big bucks but were totally lost.

That is when Justin and another mentor of mine Phil decided to change all that.  They started a company that over the top delivers.  A place where you can learn everything all in one place and a place where you can have complete support.  It really is truly the best place I have ever been in my entrepreneurial journey.

While Justin and Phil were building there new company we were back in the US at our lake home and I had to make a decision on health insurance since we were back home.  If you are from the US then you know how crazy expensive it is.  We looked into a plan and it was $700.00 a month US dollars with a $9000 deductible for our age and income.

It was then that I got an email that there was a nursing position that was called a flex position which was 16 hours a week with full time benefits.  I thought this was perfect!  I can work part time and have great benefits plus still grow my online business.  Yes I got reeled in and started my new nursing job.  Kind of exciting at first with great staff and a great head nurse and everyone was so helpful. Well as soon as I was on my own after orientation 4 night shift nurses quit and one had a baby.  Well, the FLEX title position meant I filled in those hours.  UGG!

Well I was back in the grove of things working full time hours.  I had a 40 minute commute to get to work and it wasn't long before my neck and back started hurting again, I was feeling so tired all the time again, and I realized I lost my freedom I so loved.

Well Summit Affiliate Launched and I jumped right in and realized the value they give and the support they give is just unheard of.  So I started sharing how awesome this product is and guess what.  I quit nursing again!!!  My husband and I packed our bags again and started traveling full time.  Our first stop Bali Indonesia again.  It feels so good to be back.

Life is just so special to feel exhausted all the time, to feel unhappy with not having your time freedom.  So I encourage you if you feel the same then make a change for the better.  Start working towards your time freedom.

If you want to learn how to utilize the online world and social media to have a business online then I can promise you you are in a great place.  

There is a bootcamp training you can start for only $7.  You get some amazing training and videos to help you understand the online world, plus you also get a online coach that helps walk you through the steps so you totally understand the different options you have online.

If your ready for us to help you make a change then you can start here.

I totally know how you feel if you are feeling overwhelmed and tired of everyday life.  I have been there done that twice.  When you have had a taste of time freedom it was so hard to be back in the grind.  I promise you time freedom is so much better.

What I can promise you is that you will have access to the the best online training and that you will have total support of your online journey.

We are here to help new online entrepreneurs one at a time.

Start your bootcamp training here and lets connect.”

Angie is one example among many of Summit Affiliate Students who decided to take control over their lives. You can follow her travel and business adventures on Instagram.

Working online is NOT a myth.

Summit Affiliate is NOT a MLM Pyramid Scheme.

You will NOT be alone once you join the bootcamp like many other programs do

Once you join us, you will be part of our family and will get the support you have been looking for to reach your success!

Click here to start your bootcamp and join our community. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email at info@alexandrekan.com.

See you on the inside.