Summit Social Academy - Review of the best social media learning platform and how you can get started today

Review of my favourite social media learning program: Summit social academy

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Earning a living online is what everyone nowadays is after. You got yourself a domain, you hosted it on an online platform, you selected your template and the theme of your website, you created the content to get some traffic, and now it is time to monetize.

So you’ve probably been researching “how to make money online” and you’ve probably learnt that affiliate marketing is a very quick and easy way to get started.

But where should you start?

This was the main question I always wondered before I started working online. Today, I want to share with you a review of the online program I have used called Summit Social Academy to help you reduce your overwhelm and figure out the best way to get started online.

Quick Facts

Name:  Summit Social Academy

Owners: Phil & Justin


Price: $7 starting point up to $3k (payment plans available)

Summit Social Academy Products

Summit Social Academy provides marketing education for the digital age. And affiliate marketing is only a small portion of the training available inside this platform. Consider it like an online library of the latest marketing techniques to leverage for all social media platforms taught by leaders working in the digital industry for years!

Summit Social Academy offers different kind of programs to suit everyone's needs.

Social Media Bootcamp - $7

Summit Affiliate: Social Media Bootcamp Training

You can get started with Summit Social Academy’s Social Bootcamp product which is two products (Summit Bootcamp & Social Media Blueprint) for $7.

This is a 9 part training series introducing you the fundamentals of online business. This includes affiliate marketing and how to use social media marketing the right way.

As part of the Social Bootcamp you also get to join the Summit Insider’s Facebook Community.

Which is an interactive group giving you firsthand access to successful online entrepreneurs including the Summit Social Academy founders.

Once you have completed the Bootcamp you will get access to a questionnaire. This will qualify you to watch a masterclass to learn about next steps inside Summit Social Academy.

From here you can basically choose your own path.

Social Media Kickstarter – $1,197 (also has a payment plan available)

Something that really sets Summit Social Academy apart from other online companies is their one of a kind roadmaps.

So you can decide exactly what it is you want to do online then follow a clear path of training to get you the fastest results.

If like me a few years ago, you are struggling to know what social media career you could go after, look no further.

And the other things that break them apart is the contribution of engaging experts in all different fields.

Justin & Phil understand they can’t be experts in everything, but that doesn’t mean that people who buy these courses should miss out on training because of that. So they brought in contributors to create courses on specific areas that they specialise in.

The Social Media Kickstarter is broken down in 3 parts – Create, Ignite and Accelerate.

Create is about building your foundations, Ignite about building your business structure and Accelerate is about getting consistent traffic.

You’ll find training on every area of social media marketing imaginable – from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Youtube, to blogging, email marketing, funnel creation, branding, paid advertising and much more...

This way Summit Social Academy has truly covered every aspect of digital and social media marketing. While also ensuring the highest level of quality in everything.

This product also has a separate Facebook community for more advanced discussions relating specifically to training covered within these courses.

Legacy Coaching – $2,997 (also has a payment plan available)

Summit Affiliate: Legacy Coaching Program

For those who really want to scale up their businesses and feel the need for more personalised coaching there is also the Legacy Coaching course.

In here you will find 3 x signature courses by 3 very successful business ladies. Business Toolkit by Lanna Hill, Branding by Jade Scarfone (my mentor!) and Transformation by Alexandra Prince.

And the real topper is the ongoing coaching through weekly calls with each of the Summit Social Academy contributors.

This course is only accessible to those who already own products within Summit Social Academy. It’s important to understand the basics before seeking coaching.

Being an Affiliate

As mentioned earlier, Summit Social Academy is more than just an affiliate program. This is why there is such a heavy focus on providing valuable education that can be applied to any business based around any passion.

But Justin & Phil also recognise the value in affiliate marketing and after both having a lot of success in this kind of marketing themselves they wanted to create a platform that enabled other people to have the same kind of results in a quick amount of time.

One thing I love about Summit Social Academy is that you can only earn commissions on products you own. Meaning it is all about honesty and integrity which are the core values of everyone in this community. As an affiliate you have the ability to earn 40% commissions on any products you own!!!

You can test out the Affiliate Zone for one month on a $1 trial to decide if it’s for you. This gets you access to extra training specifically for affiliates, plus done for you sales funnels and emails. So you can get your affiliate business up and running as quickly as possible to start earning while you learn.

If you decide you want to continue promoting the products as an affiliate there will be a monthly fee of $97 which covers the cost of keeping training up to date, having a supportive community to help you close higher ticket sales, done for you sales funnels, emails, extra training calls, a very active FB chat and FB group, affiliate contests and more.

Who is Summit Social Academy for?

Anyone who wants to start an online business and doesn’t know how to start. Someone who has an existing business and is looking for ways to use social media to market it better. Anyone who wants to start their own service based business.

Summit Social Academy has all different product points & training courses to suit all different needs. So basically, anyone who is willing to WORK for results is suited to this program.

If you are someone looking for a get rich quick scheme or handouts this is NOT for you!!!

My Personal Experience

I have known Justin Holland since 2015 and he has been a great mentor of mine. The trainings he provides within Summit Social Academy are exactly what he has taught me over the past few years and since I have been able to create an online passive income as an affiliate marketer and an online coach. But I’ve also been able to learn many skills that have enabled me to achieve many other things which I never dreamed possible. Like traveling to 40 countries across 5 continents in 3 years while earning an income online!

Untitled design (4).jpg

It’s thanks to his trainings and mentorship that you’re reading this blog today.

I’ve also been able to build a huge Instagram following which generates most of my sales and has also scored me many influencer deals.

Learn some of my top growth tips in this article I wrote 5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Following.

What I really love about this online platform is really the community that is always there to support you when you need it. And also, the fact that they provide a long term vision of what working online is about and how to start an authentic online business rather than making quick bucks online.

Final Words

What Justin & Phil have created in Summit Social Academy is like nothing I have seen in my 3 years working online. They have taken all the gaps in the online space and closed them.

The education is second to none. Support is like nothing you will see anywhere else online. Price points are super reasonable for what you get. I have spent 10’s of 1000’s of dollars online prior to coming across Summit Social Academy and have never received anywhere near the high calibre of trainings and support available inside Summit Social Academy.

If community, support, and high level training are what you value, then Summit Social Academy is definitely the place for you. Not to mention, Justin & Phil are constantly taking on feedback and making improvements to ensure everyone has the best possible chance to succeed online.

If you would like to join the Bootcamp and learn all about the amazing system for yourself, you can do that right here. 

I hope you found this Summit Social Academy Review valuable and helpful.

If you want more information, you can always contact me or leave a comment below.

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Review of my favourite affiliate marketing program: Summit Affiliate
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