How I Earn A Passive Income From Affiliate Sales

How I Earn A Passive Income From Affiliate Sales

So you are thinking about starting an online business. You have probably heard about all these online marketers selling you their secret recipes to success.

I know how it feels because I have been there looking for the best idea that will help me reach the so called financial freedom

People will tell you:

  • You can make money posting videos on Youtube

  • You can make money posting photos on Instagram

  • You can make money blogging

  • You can make money drop shipping 

  • You can make money selling your skills as a freelancer

And they are absolutely right. Sure it works, but what they do not tell you about is how much money you will need to invest and how long it will take you in order to be profitable! Because all these type of businesses requires you to invest into online tools that will help put your online business on automation but yet won’t do all the work for you and you will find yourself working endless hours behind your screen. More so if you are not tech savvy!

And if you are reading this, I believe you want to make money online without having to invest a lot of money, a lot of time and without it being too technical.

And let me tell you that you can.

It is all about working smarter, knowing how money works (cash-flow quadrant) and using the 80/20 principle.

For the past 3 years, I have tested them all until I found the ONE system that does not require too much time to invest each day but yet generates me a passive income on daily basis offering value to my clients.

Many people starting  an online  business have a certain amount of money they want to reach, say for instance 5,000$ a month and they would look for a quick fix!

But would not actually think about breaking down the process and how long it would take them to reach that goal.

So if you own an E-commerce business for instance with a 50$ winning product, you will need to sell 100 products to reach the 5,000$ milestone. 

But that won’t be your profit, because you will be investing money into your website, the online tools to automate your shop, and money for your marketing budget. Most drop shipping shops are only 20% profitable on average. So out of 5,000$ in sale you will be 1,000$ profitable!

Now imagine all your time and sweat invested into selling 100 products for 5,000$ and earn only 1,000$! I don’t know about you but I would feel like I wasted my time, money and energy.

Sure you now got the expertise, but that won’t pay for your bills at the end of the month!

So what if instead you could use a system that would earn you the same amount of money with less effort?

Let me introduce you to Affiliate Marketing!

There are many affiliate programs online, if you want to learn more about how it works, just check this article I wrote Everything You Need To Know About Affiliate Marketing.

My focus for the past years has been on high ticket affiliate marketing programs that would earn me a commission of minimum 500$ per sale and up to 1,500$ per sale!

Those products would cost up to 3,000$!

Crazy right? You may be thinking who would actually invest so much money into online products. 

But let me ask you a question: How much have you invested so far in your education for a college degree and how much money are you still owing to the bank to pay-off your debt?

I have been in your shoes but lucky enough I managed to pay-off my student loan within 3 years after graduating because I knew the 3 money rules!

So if you are willing to pay that amount of money for a degree that is just a piece of paper you will have to pay back for years, just because it qualifies you for a range of jobs, but yet does not guarantee you will get one. Why wouldn’t you invest into an online program that will teach you how to earn a passive income online and start being profitable within a few months and help you design your ideal lifestyle?

Because it is a gamble or too risky?

If you think that way, let me tell you that you have a low self-esteem of yourself and you need to work on getting your confidence back. Wealthy people are not smarter than you.

They are just more confident in what they do and take actions rather than watching passively their lives pass by and envy other people’s lives.

Another thing that they do is that they keep learning new things every single day. It is called personal development, whether it is for a healthier, wealthier or happier lifestyle.

And there will always be people interested in improving their lifestyle. You just need to find the right product to help them reach their goals.

That is why affiliate marketing is so powerful, you just need to connect people interested in a specific topic and introduce them to a product that will help them solve the pain points on that specific topic so that you can earn a commission on each sale.

So now, coming back to numbers, imagine promoting a digital product that would make you a 1,000$ profit per sale! You will just need to find 5 people interested in that product to reach your 5,000$ goal per month! 

Finding 5 people rather than 100 people per month sounds more realistic, doesn’t it?

Now, let me be honest with you, you won’t make money overnight unless you already have knowledge of how social media works.

People who fail are the one who give up too early because they expect fast results, stop believing in themselves and do not visualise their future.

BUT, if you are willing to learn and work hard to make your dream life come true, I can assure you that it will change your life as it did for me.

Today, I earn a big chunk of my income from social media and mostly affiliate marketing.

So what are the pros and cons you may wonder? 

Let’s start by the cons

  • You won’t make money overnight and earn thousands of dollars, but you may earn enough to break even every month to pay for the bills related to your business. And this within a few weeks

  • You may feel lonely if you are trying to do everything on your own

  • You will need to invest time every day to work on your business. The more time you can invest the faster you will get results

  • You may start doubting yourself because you are not getting the results you imagined

  • You may need to cut off on unnecessary expenses

Now what about the pros

  • You will be able to live the lifestyle you have always dreamed about

  • You won’t need to work at a job that does not fulfil you or take off a lot of time you could spend with your friends and family

  • You will be able to meet up with incredible people striving for the same goal as you: Financial freedom

  • You will have enough money to create other streams of income so that you do not rely on only one source (cashflow quadrant)

I personally started my journey 3 years ago while working a 50+ hours per week job that I loved but was taking a big chunk of my time and ended up affecting my health and my relationship with my friends and family. It was my wake up call to find new ways to earn money because I would not be able to cope with this fast pace for years.

So I started my affiliate marketing business as a side hustle which allowed me to travel the world, 40 countries across 5 continents in 3 years and finally allowed me to quit my corporate life since summer 2017! 

My wife just gave birth to our beautiful baby girl a few days ago and I am looking forward to spending as much time with her being a stay at home dad because my business allows me to.

I just need to spend a couple hours per day working on my business and look at my phone sending me notifications every time I make a sale!

alexandre kan affiliate sale

Welcome to nearly 2019!

I strongly believe that everybody should know how to leverage technology to design their ideal lifestyle. Unfortunately, 98% of you reading this post today won’t take action after reading it.

But to the remaining 2%, if you are:

  • Someone who does not know anything about social media but are hard working individuals

  • Someone who already started their business but need the right guidance to start being profitable

  • Someone who is tired of their 9to5 and know that their lives have a bigger purpose

Do you wish someone could teach you step by step how to get consistent affiliate sales online?

If your answer is yes, I am sharing exactly how I have done it, and how you could do it too via this link.

I hope you will be able to take a few tips out of this post and that it will make you see things differently about working smarter online and earn a passive income with not much effort. If you enjoyed reading it, make sure to like it, it actually makes a difference. And if you know anyone struggling to be successful online, do not hesitate to share this post with them.


How I Earn A Passive Income From Affiliate Sales