My Gear


This travel kit is something that I have accumulated over the years since 2016 when I started taking photography and videography more seriously to create content. 

Each gear has its purpose depending on the situation.

Gopro for action sequences when I cannot use my hands to record. That would be when I am driving or riding a bike, or cycling or even diving.

Mirrorless camera for professional purposes and shoot landscape, portrait or night photography. But also for videography and more thought sequences I would like to shoot.

Point and shoot camera for every day lifestyle photo. I needed something compact to carry around with me 24/7 but still with a great image quality.

My iphone is also a great asset to use as a workaround. But the battery life is a huge cons! So I try to limit my media usage as much as possible when I am on the go.

The drone is my last acquisition and I just love it. I carry it everywhere I go in my bag and it takes me 3 minutes now to fly it the air.

If you have any questions or need any advice feel free to contact me.

You can find my travel kit here: