Traveling has always been something I was passionate about and I am not the only one.

Ask anyone around you what they would like to do if money was not an issue and travel comes in their top 3 answers!

After traveling for 2 years while working full-time I started to get some benefits like miles and discounts in hotels as a frequent traveler. But all the money I put in travels was from my pocket. I have been following many travel bloggers and noticed they got paid to travel and wondered how they managed to do it.

So let me share with you one way I manage to get paid to travel the world so often.

I am a brand ambassador for a company called TripValet, they are the first of its kind wholesale travel club that pays huge commission for sharing its benefits with others.

Commission so big in fact they pay 50% of all subscription profits back to you!!!

Just watch the video to learn more.

You can get started in 3 simple steps:

1. Join today for $97 per year! (And allow me to emphasize on "PER YEAR"!!! this is insane how cheap it is, that's barely $8 per month! )

2. Join their affiliate program

3. Start sharing the word with other travel addicts!

4. Receive 50% commission for every person you refer who sign-up!

As simple as this. I also wrote a blog post about it. 

Still not sure and thinking it might be a scam?

I know the feeling. That is the reason why you can have a 7-day FREE trial once you sign-up so that you can see for yourself the benefits they offer.

But let me tell you one thing. I have been working in this industry for a couple years now and this offer won't last long! People would usually spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy this kind of service.

So don't wait for too long!

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See you on the beaches of the world!