Welcome to Day 3

You have already done a tremendous work so far by defining your niche, your target audience and validating your ideas. Today, we will talk about personal branding for bloggers.

Branding is what will allow your audience to recognise you no matter what social media platform you decide to use. Your brand needs to be cohesive throughout your promotional channels.

If you do not know how to create your brand, here are couple tips.

Start with the end in mind

Imagine what your life would look like if you could spend your days doing what you love. What would you be working on? (You need to make a living right!)

How would you earn your income?

This is important because if you are creating your blog you need to make sure that it is matching with your lifestyle and not the other way around.

For instance, if you pick the category budget traveling but you always travel first class and stay in luxurious hotels around the world, it will be difficult for you to write about budget traveling.

Make sense?

How to pick your brand name?

The name of a blog in my opinion does not really matter. It could be matching with the topic of your blog or could simply be your name. What matters is more the story behind the name.

Or you could make a series of word like:

Nomadic Matt



You might know a few of these!

Or it could be the desired outcome:




This is usually the most common option for many.

Find Your Domain Name

Now that you found your brand name you need to find the domain name to match your brand.

A domain name is the URL address of your website/blog and ends in .com,.net, .co etc...

These are limited. If you try to get the domain name Facebook.com, you can’t as Facebook owns it. So you want to find a domain name to match your brand.

There are several hosting sites like Godaddy or bluehost where you can check the name availability.

BUT using these services means that you are tech savvy. Even though there are many guides to help you connect your domain name to your website, it can be tricky and I am all about making my life easier. That's the reason why I personally use Squarespace.

I will tell you more about it tomorrow when we will talk about blogging platform to use for blogging.

But if you feel confident enough connecting your domain name to your host website, I’d recommend bluehost for their friendly user interface.

Logo And Design

I am not a developer and I am not a designer. That's the reason why I kept my logo very simple. You could however build your own. There are many online services you can use nowadays to get a logo in 24h for $5 only! Go check websites like Fiverr or Upwork to hire freelancers to make your logo.

When it comes to the design of your website and the color palette to use, here is a cool online generator to help you achieve the look you are after.

That’s it for today.

Don’t forget that you can contact me any time if you have a question.

Have a great day!

Chat to you tomorrow! ;)