Welcome to Day 2!

On Day 1 of this challenge we defined your topic and your specific target market for your blog.

The next step is to validate your ideas.

How to do it?

A simple market research will help you define what people you want to target are struggling with. Once you collect all the information, you will then be able to estimate your target market and the potential for profit.

1. Stalk online communities

Quora or Reddit are great source of information for your market research.

2. Create a document to collect the information

Note app on your phone

Google sheets

Google Document


Those are great online tools and application you can use to collect the information. The information will also be easily accessible from any device and stored in the cloud.

3. Format your document to make the research easier

Create 3 columns. One for questions, one for sources, and one for Topic.

4. Search for the information

I will take Quora as an example.

Firstly enter your chosen topic in the search bar.

Then copy and paste the most relevant questions and links to your document


Think about potential topic to write about that would answer the questions people have

Google Search is also a great source of information. Just enter for a keyword and see what content ranks well.


You can also let Google suggest you the most relevant search.

Or scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the suggested search terms on the result page.


Looking for the right information to write about count for 80% of blogging. It is important to find the solution to the problem your audience is facing and showcase it with the right format.

Spend enough time on your research and do not skip this step!

Don’t forget that you can contact me any time if you have any questions. You just have to click on the messenger icon on your screen.

Talk to you tomorrow! :)